Improvisation choices; nothing more, nothing less.  However, there must be a vocabulary from which to make choices.  In music that vocabulary includes the


Harmony any combination of notes perceived as a unit; sounding together.


Function 1. The position of a note within a scale, interval, or chord, indicated with Arabic numerals; 1-2-3, etc. 2. The position of


Enharmonic two notes that are written differently, but sound the same and are the same key on a keyboard, e.g. F# and Gb,

Dominant Seventh

Dominant Seventh is a dominant (V) with an interval of a 7th above the root note. ‘V7’ is a function only, and not


Cadence (It) From cadere; to fall. The conclusion of a phrase. Comparable to the spoken language, ‘John ran home.’; subject-verb-object. In music, the chords


Context whatever is being referred to. The frame of reference.


Dominant 1. A function. The fifth note, or chord of any scale, or position of a chord, indicated ‘V’, or ‘5’. Functional Names of

Diatonic interval

Diatonic interval one in which the two tones are normal within the major or minor scales.